Success Stories

I am not a victim

I am not a victim. This I will not give to him.
I am survivor, in spite of what he did.
He tried to take my life, battered and bloodied my face.
He may have left a victim,
but a survivor stands in her place.

- Christiana, 2009

My name is Tammy. As a child I was always told I was stupid. I was told I could not accomplish things. I was always shown the negative to every situation-the negative always outweighed the positive details. I was molested by a babysitter at the age of 7 by a man that was old enough to be my grandfather. As an adult I was raped by my brother-in-law and later found out he had molested his brother (my husband). I was very depressed and knew this was not what I wanted. I found Metro through a website. I called expecting the same answer I had gotten from a number of places. At Metro, I was greeted with Love, Understanding, Caring, Hope, Faith, Inspiration, and EMPATHY. I have been given choices as well as assistance to those choices I made for myself. I have received a great deal of information that has helped my husband and me. Most of all for me, I have been shown Respect, Care, Love, Understanding and Help. I have learned that I am and always have been a Strong individual and I have Metro to thank for that. I can not express how many ways Metro has helped me, my husband and son. I am very grateful to Metro and its dedicated staff in helping people in their time of need. So, Metropolitan Center for Women and Children

Thank you,

very much, love Tammy.